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Anxiety & Stress

“Everything you have ever wanted, is sitting on the other side of fear.” – George Addair

Both anxiety and stress are often related to problems with life and coping. While generally coping issues come first followed by stress and anxiety, dealing with these issues for an extended period of timecan damage your ability to cope even further – opening up the door for the other symptoms occur.

Stress, Anxiety

& Depression

Another probable cause of both conditions has to do with damage to the mind and body when you deal with any one condition for an extensive period. Many people believe that your body starts to fire the wrong amounts of neurotransmitters (brain chemicals), adrenaline, and cortisol because it becomes harder for your body to regulate.

Male Head Pain - Anatomy Headache detail

Stress & Anxiety

Both stress and anxiety create negative thinking, and negative thinking is very closely related to coping with both of those issues. For example, if you're stressed, you will often believe that you are going to experience issues in the future, leading to more anxiety and stress. This creates a cycle which can increase these feelings.

Why Choose Hypnotherapy 

Hypnotherapy is widely used for different forms of anxiety, stress, general anxiety, panic attacks, depression and PTSD. Blocked emotions, feelings and trauma can create a block like a traffic jam which builds up in our brain resulting in stress, anxiety and emotional turmoil which can lead to depression. Stress an anxiety have a very negative impact on our overall health both mentally and physically  Hypnotherapy can help to resolve the emotional turmoil, trauma or past allowing the repressed emotions and feeling to be released. This helps remove the anxiety and stress which also help with sleep and relaxation and reduces depression.

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How I Can Help You

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Through my own life i have experienced times on massive stress and anxiety, some through previous work roles,some in my personal life. At times, I felt my head would explode, i had physical symptoms, my emotions were extremely sensitive and i felt very alone. My experiences taught me that when these emotions build and build you feel out of control yet finding ways of releasing these emotions reduces the stress, anxiety and physical symptoms. Hypnotherapy does all of these things, it then helps build back self-esteem and confidence and positive feelings.

Costs is £60 per session

Helping clients in Bungay, Beccles & across Suffolk & Norfolk.

For more information or to book an appointment

Call: 07729880115

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