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Weight Loss

Make this the last time you focus on your weight

Losing weight is a "Mind" game, change your "MIND" change your "BODY"


  • Do you feel fed up of constantly having to think about your weight?

  • Do you feel like you make good progress for a while, then you just slip back and end up feeling even worse?

  • Do you obsess about Food?

  • Do you feel fed up, low, emotional about how you look and feel? 

  • Do you make excuses not to go out in social situations?

  • Do you comfort eat?

  • Does your weight effect your relationships?

  • Do you yoyo diet?

  • Do you binge eat, then make yourself sick?

  • Do you crave sugary or fatty foods?

  • Do you constantly weigh yourself and then feel disappointed?

  • Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes you would love to wear again?

Does this sound like you?

If you want to change your unhealthy eating habits, say "YES" to my Weight Loss Therapy

 Weight Loss Therapy

Your Weight Loss Therapy can be achieved in as little as 4 Hypnotherapy sessions which involves commitment from you to follow incorporating a mindful eating program to banish emotional and comfort eating.  

The Therapy works by first creating permanent positive lifestyle changes, removing the underlying negative emotions and any cravings associated with your negative eating habits.

It then focusses on changing your links between the subconscious mind and the stomach whilst also incorporating mindful eating habits.

Hypnotherapy changes how you feel about food both mentally and physically by creating new healthy eating patterns and removing bad habits.

We then work on positive emotions and associations with food which ensures your ongoing success and achievement as the new you.









Next Steps

So lets get started - Call or Email to book your appointment - This will include an initial consultation by phone to discuss the changes you want to achieve prior to starting the program.


It really is that simple.

Weight Loss Therapy cost is £240 for 4 sessions payable in advance.

Ready to take control? Call or email





Helping clients in Bungay, Beccles & across Suffolk & Norfolk.

For more information or to book an appointment

Call: 07729880115

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